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Hola Sol Hacienda

“Travelling Vegetables” is the concept of Hola Sol Hacienda. We propose vegetables which are popular all around the world and the way to eat them, and you can enjoy dishes that make you feel as if you were on a trip without leaving Japan at all. Besides, we are committed to making products using non-standard vegetables produced in our field to avoid food loss.
We, Naohito & Miho, started Hola Sol Hacienda on January 1st, 2017. In 2016, we came up with this idea and quit the company that we had worked at for years. We had no farmland, no agricultural machinery, and no technique when we made up our mind. We hold events in Tokyo andour farm to have our customers feel familiar with us under the policy of getting no subsidies and borrowing no money.
Our goal is to hand down agriculture and food culture to the future through our actions.