AG/SUM Community Partners


Agripay Inc.

AGRIPAY Inc. is a Japanese agri-tech & food-tech company that aims to provide “various alternatives for agri-producers.” AGRIPAY was established by Seishu Gen, a doctorial student of Tokyo University of Agriculture, right after the past AG/SUM event on 2017 with the team members there. Currently, AGRIPAY runs “Sakechoku” and “AGNAVI” as its core services. ‘Sakechoku’ is an e-commerce channel which integrates many SAKE breweries, where consumers can enjoy opportunities to purchase various SAKEs directly. As a part of Sakechoku, AGRIPAY also provides its original SAKE called ‘Nogaku-Genshu’ which has obtained abundant sales and exposures throughout media. “AGNAVI” is an information platform where agri-producers and consumers shall be connected directly, such as the consumers can find out who are good producers and the producers can obtain how consumers assess their products throughout reviews and rankings. In AG/SUM 2019, AGRIPAY is acting a key role conducting “Student Ideathon” by students of Tokyo University of Agriculture.”